ROC continues to grow and welcomes new members and volunteers at anytime. We are family and we can’t ROC alone! To join us and find out when meetings are, please contact us or check out our events page!

page-break-symbolA successful story of how grief was transformed into positive action!


Co-founded by Trena Matos-Ambroise in 2009, ROC began a passionate movement of the soul. After the tragic death of 13 year old neighbor, Steven Odom, a hole was left in the heart of the neighborhood. Residents in the area knew the community needed to come together so Trena, along with a few fellow neighbors, went door-to-door with clipboards collecting names, contact info and inviting people to attend a meeting at the True Vine Church, where Steven’s parents, Kim and Ronald Odom are pastors. The people who attended continued to meet and decided to form an official group, creating the name Redefining Our Community. The meetings became the planning grounds for multiple projects and events, resulting in the birth of one of Boston’s most thriving organizations. Combining prayer with action…grassroots efforts creating great change!

“In a neighborhood, one should know their neighbors.” ROC has bonded the residents of multiple streets including but not limited to: Corbet, Nelson, Evans, Maxwell etc,. “Our intention is to bring back the good ol’ days when you knew who your next door neighbor was and you looked out for them.”



(Ronald and Kim Odom pictured above)



To build a community that is a beautiful, clean and a safe place to live, work, pursue life goals and raise a family.


Through community meetings, advocacy and informed action planning, we will reduce crime, increase neighborly connections and provide events, activities and programs that support community building, vitality and peace.


Community (People and Places)

Harmony (Peace, Enjoyment and Fun)

Vitality (Economic, Education and Culture)

Solidarity (Unity, Power and Strength)

We care about where we live and we will not allow others who do not live in our community define who we are. That is why we are Redefining Our Community!


Recent Successes: 

ROC would like to thank all those who came out to celebrate the Steven P. Odom Serenity Garden Naming Ceremony. Click this link to check out the event’s the amazing videos and articles!